10 Reasons Why YouTube is Important for Your Corporate Communications


YouTube is one of the fastest growing social networks and corporations are realizing that it has value beyond entertaining viral videos. The network is a valuable tool for reaching your customers and employees with engaging video content.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be sharing and developing your corporate communications with YouTube.

  1. Low Cost. YouTube provides free video hosting. You no longer need to host your corporate videos on your website. You can upload them to YouTube and then embed them in your website’s pages.
  2. Reach Millions of People. The average person watches one YouTube video a week. This puts your corporate messaging in front of the eyes of millions of people.
  3. Build Brand Loyalty. Corporate videos are for more than just interoffice communications. Sharing your corporate videos on public channels gives you the opportunity to showcase your corporate culture. Customers are loyal to brands that reflect their values and have a sense of personality. Granting your customers behind the scenes insight into your business is a great way to create brand loyalty.
  4. Educate Your Consumer. Offering tutorials about your products or services engages your consumers and creates a buzz around your brand that is different from typical advertising.
  5. Searchable. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, due to its parent company Google. This makes YouTube a better option over other free video hosting sites. Make sure to state the topic of your video clearly and use appropriate tags so that people can find your videos.
  6. Increase Brand Awareness. The more opportunities customers have to be aware of your brand the more successful your business will be. You can customize your YouTube channel to reflect your brand’s core messaging with colors and backgrounds.
  7. Demonstrate Authority. You can share more than commercials and corporate communications. Share videos of presentations, panel discussion, conferences and even brainstorming sessions among team members that yielded tangible and creative ideas. These videos will help secure your place as a thought leader in your industry.
  8. Conversion. In the video description text, link to a specific page on your company’s website to foster lead generation and turn a casual video viewer into a client.
  9. Measureable. YouTube offers free easy to use analytic tools. You can track the number of views a video has received, the demographics of the viewers and how viewers found your video.
  10. Feedback.Video social networks function just like any other social network by giving you the opportunity to hear from your customers. Whether your share videos about products, services, or company culture your customers will tell you what they think. Good or bad, the social nature of these sites allow you to respond in real time and make positive changes to build your business and manage your customers.