4 Traditional Funding Opportunities for Businesses and Non-Profits

In last week’s article 5 Crowdfunding Websites for Businesses and Non-Profits we examined the new approach that businesses and non-profit organizations are using for fundraising their digital media or video based projects.  Although crowdfunding can be a great way to start funding for a project, there are also more traditional forms of funds available both at the national and local levels.checkbook


The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) offers American Media Makers: Production Grants for interactive digital media and film/television projects.   These grants encompass a wide variety of projects that advance topics in the field of humanities. Funding can be received for websites, video productions, and mobile applications that integrate digital media into the community as a whole or provide an engaging resource for continuing education and information.neh_at_logo




The Knight Foundation is a private grant foundation dedicated to funding on a wide scale from early-stage venture funding to project based funding.  Projects supported include journalism, media innovation, community engagement, and programs that foster the arts.  The Knight Foundation is devoted to ongoing social change, democracy, and universal access.Picture 18





The Sprout Fund based in Southwestern Pennsylvania, is a funding platform designed to deliver grants and resources, and other forms of support.  This Organization is a great resource for community engagement projects and children-based learning initiatives. The Sprout Fund has received funding from the MacArthur FoundationDebut-Theme-Sprout-Logo.





The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation may sound familiar to those Pittsburgh natives reading this blog post. Started by the late President and Chairman of the Board to the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa), this private organization provides grants to Private Higher Education, Religion, Secondary Education, Health Care, and Public Television. 501(c)(3) onlyPicture 17






501(c)(3) Not-For Profits Organizations should also check out:

http://forbesfunds.org/  Non-Profit grants from the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership

http://www.google.com/grants/  Free advertising from Google

http://www.usa.gov/Business/Nonprofit.shtml  Additional government resources


Full Hierarchical List of Foundations and Grants (Beyond Digital Media And Video)