6 Ideas for Starting Your Business’s Video Production

At Fox Learning Systems we understand the positive impact of a well-made video and the numerous ways in which it can help your business.  Many of our clients understand this too, but don’t know exactly where to begin when it comes to video production.

Here are six ideas for those who are struggling with what to make their video about:

Camera With Screen

1.) Introduce your business

Say hello and introduce yourself and your company to the neighborhood.  Customers are more likely to buy something from someone they feel like they know and trust than a faceless business.

2.) Highlight your business team/employees

Have a great professional staff on hand that’s keeping your business profitable behind the scenes?  Why not bring them out into the spotlight, literally?  Promoting the experience, knowledge, and friendly faces of your staff may make the difference to your potential customers.

3.) Demonstrate your products and/or services

What do you sell and who can use it?  Customers may not understand what your product does or why your services are better than the competition.  By demonstrating your product or services in a video and describing the effectiveness or quality, you will be able to generate an overall interest in your business.

4.) Advertise the features on your website

You may have a website with a shopping cart for direct sales, contact forms for marketing, online customer service, or a lot of useful information about your company and products.  However, if you don’t have a lot of traffic to your website, it could be because your customers don’t know where to find you beyond the yellow pages.   Navigate people to your website with a comprehensive video about your website.  Think of it like having a storefront online instead of just at your physical address.

5.) Give a walk-through of your facilities

Have you invested in high-end equipment, storefront displays, and the building your company is located in?  Why not market your facilities in your video.  This is a great idea for restaurants, hotels, or any businesses where customers are likely to visit you in person.  It will not only show your customers the professional appearance and resources that are included with your company, but it will also give them a sense of familiarity when they enter your facility.

6.) Have your customers do your talking for you

If you have a following of customers that already know how great you are, see if they will speak on your behalf.   Have a few people lined up in mind that are comfortable in front of the camera and pick the best ones.  Real personal stories and testimonials are a great way to show that your business is approachable and helpful.