7 Trends in Video Production


Corporate video production trends have changed dramatically in the last few years due to advances in technology. Many of these trends revolve around the lowering costs of production and distribution materials. These trends provide pros and cons for video producers and businesses looking to utilize video media.

  1. A Rise in Amateur Video Productions. On one hand, it can be beneficial to spend little to no money hiring a fledgling video company or even producing your own corporate videos but on the other hand, you run a very high risk of looking unprofessional.
  2. Less Expensive Materials.  Amateur productions are on the rise because materials have become much less expensive. This means that established video production companies like Fox Learning Systems can pass that savings onto their clients. You will have a professional looking production at a lower cost than you may expect.
  3. Internet Added Value.  The internet provides nearly free distribution to thousands, if not millions, of people via free hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo. It is no longer necessary to incur large distribution expenses to have your corporate video seen by the masses. Of course, this now allows room in your budget to create higher quality videos.
  4. Corporate Videos Aren’t Just for Employees.   Companies are showcasing their corporate videos to more than just their employees these days. They are sharing them with their customers as a way of building brand loyalty. Consider creating a fun video about your corporate culture for just this purpose and post it on social media sites like Facebook.
  5. Video Production Companies Do a Little Bit of Everything.
    Many newer video production companies are not focused solely on videos. They dabble in all types of modern media from internet marketing to social networking. While these things are an important part of the industry, your business deserves to have a focused and quality production team at the helm. Don’t settle for a company that doesn’t make video production its priority.
  6. Cutting Edge Equipment.  If you want the best corporate video production, make sure that the video production company that you hire uses top of the line equipment. Never partner with a company that hasn’t updated their equipment in years.  It will show in the end result and your video will be less effective than one created with modern technology.
  7. Use Real People.  At Fox Learning Systems, we believe that real life equals real learning and the video production world has made this a trend. Your video will come across as more authentic if staff members or people already familiar with your industry are in your video.  Real people provide a genuine connection to the subject matter making your video more effective.

Remember that it’s always best to use an established video production company that isn’t afraid to evolve with the times and stay up to date on trends and technology. The result will be a better and more effective corporate video.