3 Ways to Incorporate Branding Into Your Promotional or Corporate Video

Branding a produced video is as essential as attaching your company’s identity to whatever message, service, or product you provide.  Not only does it give your video a personal visual touch, but also it should be common practice in ensuring that your business’s video is not perceived as generic.

Here are three ways we incorporate branding for our clients:


1.) Animated logo

Using an animated logo in your video is a good way to give energy to an otherwise two-dimensional static image. Just a simple animation will often make the difference between a flat or engaging introduction for your video.  Here is an example of a logo-based intro we made for one of our clients:


2.)Text on screen and lower thirds

If you need to use typed words to reinforce someone or something, it is important to brand that text as well as how it is presented. Using colors that identify with your brand will keep your video consistent.  We recommend not using over stylized or non-contrasting text because it is often hard to read.  It may also be a good idea to animate these elements as well, so that a video in motion is not broken up by still images.








3.) Video player and interface customization

Customizing the video player or user interface to your brand’s colors will give your video an extra flare. Here are two examples of branding customization that we created for our clients.

WPHTV Keys to Caring                                    PHA My Learning Center