Articles of the Week : Branding

At Fox Learning Systems we are always reading the latest articles so that we stay informed about our own industry and the industries of our clients.

Here are 3 of our favorites on Branding:

7 Reasons Why Better Branding Attracts Better Business emphasizes how building a strong corporate brand is essential for any business. Focuses on targeting, consistency, message, and effort.Branding Logo






Getting to the Soul of Your Brand analyzes why the perception of shared value and the communication of meaning are the driving forces for branding. An in-depth look at how understanding the consumer’s mindset and behaviors will give your brand more appeal.Forbes Logo



The Rise of the Unbrand  is an interesting exploration into the “unbranding” movement as a direct challenge to traditional marketing.  Enhances the argument for quality, function, and utility over brand association habits such as buying something just for the logo.HBR Logo



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