3 Reasons You Need a Corporate Video


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Human Resource departments often struggle with the best way to train employees and teach them about corporate culture. Manuals can often be lengthy with dry content that never truly engages the employee to feel passionate about what they are learning. Even seminars with long speeches can be ineffective in training employees.

A well-produced corporate video is the key to engaged learning and empowering your employees to feel passionate about their work and your company.

Real Life = Real Learning.

At Fox Learning Systems, we believe that real learning happens when people experience real life situations. This is why we believe that video production is the optimal learning tool. Our videos use real life situations to teach your employees about proper methods and professionalism. When an employee encounters a problem, they will remember the similar situation demonstrated in our video and instantly recall how to handle the situation effectively.

Dynamic Visuals.

Visual images capture attention in a way that written content cannot and video takes that to the next level with dynamic moving imagery. When a video uses images, actors and situations that resonate with the viewer, the viewer feels involved and invested in what they are learning.

Easy to Share.

Rather than having your employees download large document or undergoing the time heavy and costly task of printing extensive employee handbooks, corporate videos can be uploaded to your company website for easy access by employees. Videos can even be shared on private YouTube channels, if you don’t want them available to the public. Employees can view the videos as many times as necessary whenever they want, for optimal learning. If the video is available to the public, it can be shared across social media sites and become a great marketing or recruiting tool, in addition to a training one.

It is important for Human Resource Managers to remember that everyone learns differently and the more variety you have in your training arsenal, the more effective those efforts will be. Corporate video production provides a dynamic and engaging way for employees to learn and it should be a part of every HR training packet.