5 Reasons Why Video Production is Better Than Print Marketing

Video Production Suite

With the digital age in full swing, companies are exploring all types of multimedia platforms to reach their customers and communicate with their employees. Video is rapidly becoming the go-to platform for businesses and is frequently chosen over traditional print communications.


Videos Go Viral

People love to share videos and the internet, especially social media, has made this easier than ever. Putting your corporate or marketing video on a shareable platform like YouTube allows individuals to share the video with their friends or coworkers. With video, your message will reach thousands or even millions of people in a way that printed materials simply don’t.


People Feel Involved

At Fox Learning, we believe that videos provide a sense of real life that you cannot get via other multimedia platforms. Videos make people feel involved in the message you are telling. The more involved a person feels, the more they will remember. This applies to sales and instructional videos. If a person remembers your product, they’re more likely to purchase it. And of course, the more involved a person feels in what they are learning, the more they will be able to apply that knowledge to real life situations.


Video Is More Detailed

There is only so much you can communicate with a static image. You can get your point across more effectively and quickly with moving images. If you are demoing a product or describing a service, video will capture the full scope of your subject. The viewer will be able to understand all of the nuances involved in one place, without trying to infer things based on a simple image or text. Likewise, when making an instructional video, you can be certain that your point is clear so there will be no mistakes made by your staff.


Capture a Different Audience

Everyone learns in different ways. Print and video media engage different parts of the brain and many people are visual learners. So, while print advertisements or instructions may work for some people, it doesn’t work for everyone. Diversifying your efforts with video production is a great way to reach a new audience.


Video Usage Is On The Rise

On average, people spend 7 hours a day watching some form of video marketing. That is compared to only 24 minutes spent viewing print marketing. Those 7 hours reflect both offline and online usage. You may not be able to afford a tv spot, but anyone can afford to upload a video to a social media channel. This means opens up your outreach efforts to a larger audience than you would otherwise have with print media.